Monday, February 18, 2013

and so we did it...

OK I'm not gonna lie... I was on cloud nine yesterday! My husband made my vision come true... The perfect Lemonade Stand! Yaaaa I think I'm more giddy than my kids are... As I said before I'm not a builder so I had to think extra hard and careful to make sure I designed it strong enough, safe enough and actually functional for my little ones.. And yes I got the perfect amount of wood. I did it! Yes!  

My husband Sean is the real hero here! He built it all for me... And was super patient and calm the entire time. Thank you Sean... The kids and I are super thrilled with it! Now we can't wait to paint it. Unfortunately, we couldn't paint it because the weather started getting chilly and windy on the coast. Not a good combination for painting. Don't worry I will show you all the painting progress and the finished product... Of our Fab-U-Lus Lemonade Stand!  


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