Thursday, June 7, 2012

are you kidding me...

I truly feel in my heart and my soul that I could eat all of these mini lemon cheesecakes every day for the rest of my life! 
Yes, please! 

I follow a blog called My Baking Addiction pretty much every day. I've actually baked a few of her things and they have turned out fabulous! So of course today I got her e-mail on these little beauties and almost fell over.  Thanks Jamie! If I were you I would follow her blog too. You will be very happy!  

* enjoy *  


  1. Those are the cutest little cheesecakes I have ever seen, and I also would be able to eat them all :) She definitely got herself a new subscriber!


  2. They look so pretty...clear glass ramekins...I don't have any, but I may need to buy some. yum!


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