Monday, April 9, 2012

i have an idea...

I'm going to be honest with all of you... I don't know if I can pull this off. Cross my fingers I can! {wink} I want to clean a drawer/cabinet/basket a day & eliminate in & outside of my house. Not buy one thing from now until the end of May. Hmmm I wonder if I can do it. No joke as I was driving yesterday I had a mission on my mind. I get this way & can't stop.  See every year for the last 3 years a bunch of friends get together at my mom's house & throw a HUGE Memorial Day garage SALE. It's so fun because every year we all try to one up each other.  No joke! One person tags everything just perfectly, the other has the best stuff to sell & then the other is just the coolest dressed with apron & all. Oh & don't let me forget to tell you the only way you can join in the garage sale is... One you have to bring food to share to all the sellers & two you have to advertise about the sale {blog, tweet, craigslist, facebook... etc.} If you don't do that you aren't accepted in! So this year I want to rock & shine at the same time. Do everything bigger & better!  I already started asking my kids to try clothes on... Hmmm Should I tag each pair of shoes with the correct size & amount? So much to think about. I wonder if I can pull this off. With both kids birthdays so close together {march/april} & Easter... We've been over flowing with presents. So I feel we should say good bye to the old toys & greet the new ones with more space & open arms. Then I've noticed my daughter growing like a weed the last few months. She wears a uniform everyday so I barely notice what clothes fit & don't fit. So hard. Now that they have spring break this week... I'm gonna have Taylor try on all her clothes, belts & shoes... What the heck I'll have her do socks & undies too. Oh my I'm gonna get in so much trouble by her... She hates doing that. Ryan on the other hand I wonder what he's gonna say or do?!?! Doesn't really matter... It's gotta be done! I want this sale & my house to be amazing... Eliminating gives me such a high. Don't ask why, but I love to clean things & organize things. I love drawers folded nicely, closets color coordinated & shelves shining perfectly. I wonder if it's a sickness or maybe an interior designer things or maybe the Virgo in me. Well, what ever it is I do have a crazy idea that I have to follow through with now... Since I told you all what I'm up to. No buying... Only eliminating! Watch out for the news of the HUGE Memorial Day garage SALE! It's gonna be good this year... I can tell! {smile} Hope you all had a beautiful Easter! I'm still smiling from mine! xoxo


  1. Whenever I feel unhappy with my house, I clean and add a couple bowls of apples and lemons. I love that it doesn't cost much!

  2. I want to shop at your big garage sale....

    1. keep you posted! It's gonna be good & fun!!! xoxo, Alex

  3. I want to come to your big sale too



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