Tuesday, April 10, 2012

growing up...

I've been working with a wonderful family in Fairbanks Ranch for a while now. Well, the latest project I completed with them was their daughters room.  She's currently residing in New York City living the glamours life. Ahhh to be young again! {smile}  They asked me to give her room a face lift. They all felt it was time to take Peter Rabbit off the walls. I  do agree with them. But, they did have one request that was dear to all their hearts... Keep the picket fence headboard. It was a father daughter project. Of course that's staying! Memories are so special to me that I appreciate it even more. They wanted a fresh new look that was simple & clean. This room really will be for short visits from their daughter, but they want her to be able to relax & enjoy her family time.
The pink balloon drapery  & art work was touching, but just juvenile for a college graduate.
Shelly, had fallen in love with this yellow & blue toile she saw at a fabric store. Well then Yellow & blue toile it is! 

Artwork isn't up yet... Shelly was still in New York when the install took place & she wanted to be apart of that decision. With the new simple & fresh bedding... The room looks bigger & brighter. Simplicity goes a long way.  Can't wait to see what she picks out! The changes are just perfect for a grown up jet setter! {wink}

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