Saturday, November 12, 2011

a bit of randomness

Good morning everyone... I have a second to blog before my timer goes off. I'm making fresh pumpkin muffins for today's FALL sale. They were a huge hit yesterday. By the way I wanted to say thank you to all that stopped by... Just to say Hi & who also purchased. Thank you very much!

Get ready, because this post is going to be very random...
Well, it's supposed to rain today... That's not going to stop the roosters sale. It's still on rain or shine! Plus, it's the last day of the sale. Go big or go home! {smile}  

Saw this bathroom photo & fell in love. Is it the sink? Sconces? The Dash & Albert rug? Or maybe the entire package! Job well done! By the way, I'm so sorry I don't know the source. I found it in my bathroom photos file. If anyone knows it please let me know. I want to give credit where it's deserved! Well, I'm starting another gut job on a bathroom next week. Remember this post {here}...  What a looker.

This week I'm having a banquette built in my kitchen & I keep thinking I would like to have the bench seat cushion made out of mattress ticking. Am I crazy? I can't get it out of my mind... I'll let you know what I end up doing.

My sweet sweet angel is on an adventure this week with her grandparents in Hawaii. I'm so excited for her, but slightly sad. I  was blessed as a child to spend every summer in Maui ... So those memories are very deep rooted for me. I wish I could have experienced her first trip there with me, me, me! I know I have to give up a few things & let grandma & papa make some fun new memories with  her. She is one lucky little lady! 

I'm in love with this bag... Isn't it pretty!!!! Maybe Santa needs to read this post! {giggle}

My parents are having a little shed/playhouse/office built in their backyard. I've been pulling concept photos  & drafting ideas for them left & right... After I found this photo I think it's the winner. They're also adding shingles & new board 'n  batten to their exterior... So a little board 'n batten  cottage will be a perfect accent to the backyard.  

Last but not least! My assistant & I are flying to meet my new interior design client in San Francisco next week. I can't even tell you how thrilled I am. I'll take tons of pictures. 

Well, you all are saved by the bell... Got to pull the muffins out! Hope to see some new faces today!  Happy Saturday... Stay dry!


  1. Alex, love this post! That photo of your girl is precious. Instagram is my favorite app. Can't wait to see what you do in your kitchen - I vote yes, on the mattress ticking. I've been needing to put start up a new sewing project - you have inspired me to get busy. xoA

  2. i want that little shed/playhouse!! amazing bathroom, had to pin it!! i want the bag and a warm pumpkin muffin! hope taylor is having an amazing time, lucky girl indeed! hope the rooster sale was a big hit too. you know i would've been there if you weren't on the other side of the country!! xo, tessa


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