Sunday, August 28, 2011

new... new... new...

 1.) Long white bench
 58"L x 11"W x 18"H
 2.) outdoor coffee table
 {F466.11} 36"L x 22"W x 17"H

 3.)  Black Nightstand, 1 drawer, 2 tiered  (2 available) 
 {F456.11, F457.11}
22"L x 16"W x 26"H
 4.)  Nightstand, 1 drawer, 2 tiered
{F439.11} 20"L x 16"W x 27"D
 5.)  Adirondack rocking chair
 6.)  Mirror
 7.)  Black Desk/Dresser
 {F434.11}, 30"L x 19.5"W x 34"H
 8.)  3 drawer dresser... Perfect behind a sofa, in front of a bed or under a window.
{F274.11}, 40"L x 21"W x 25.5"H
 9.)  Black Vintage wood Lamp (2 available), {A050.11, A051.11} 
 10.) Black Oval coffee table, {F371.11}
 11.) Stools, {F461.11, F462.11}
24" H
* pick a color...
 12). Coffee table
{F464.11}, 40"L x 40.5"W x 16" H
* pick a color... 

 13). Bookcase
 {F472.11}, 30"L x 10"H x 46"W
* pick a color...
 14). Antique Dresser
{F474.11}, 32"L x 20"W x 44"H
* pick a color...
 15). Captains Chair ( 3 available) ...pick a color! 
{F458.11, F459.11, F460.11}
* pick a color...  
 16). Coffee table, cottage leg
{F469.11}, 48"L x 30"W x 16"H
* pick a color...
17). Stool
24" H
* pick a color...  
18). Cabinet
{F471.11}, 30"L x 16"W x 35"H
* pick a color

If you have any questions on

measurements or pricing,

please call the rustic rooster,


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