Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bunny love

Remember these little guys {peek here} that I wanted to make for Taylor & Ryan's Easter Basket this year? Well, I did it & they were a huge success! Who would have thought two little handmade bunnies would win a 3 & a 5 year olds heart. Who would have thought?!?!

Easter Morning I could barely see let alone hear when the kids wondered into our bedroom at 6 am whispering, "Mom... Dad the Easter bunny came... Hurry get out of bed!" They scrambled out of the bedroom when they realized that mom was a dead log & didn't jump out of bed right away. I could hear them discussing their baskets.  It was too cute. Oh look you got Sponge Bob! Oh wow you got princesses... & then I  heard it... Oh my gosh look at what the bunny made for us. Bunnies! Ahhhh too cute! I like yours! You like mine? That's when I jumped up & had to really see for myself. I had a smile from ear to ear from that moment on!

So now I find them curled up at night holding them in bed. Aren't they adorable! The fabric that I picked worked out perfectly. I love the color combination together. Thanks Martha for making my children's Easter baskets perfect this year! {smile}

Did any of you make anything for your little ones this year?


  1. OOOooooo they look awesome! You should sell those in the shop around Easter, I bet they sell like hot cakes! Love the fabrics you chose.

  2. I love them!!! They would sell!

    Hugs, Meme

    Come check out my burlap wall post!

  3. Michelle & Meme... They would be perfect at the rooster come Easter time! Hmmm something to think about. Wonder what Martha would say?

  4. Super cute! Handmade gifts are the best!


  5. Oh yes! Martha would say "It's a good thing". Haha. Let me know when next Easter rolls around- I'll be first in line!


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