Wednesday, March 9, 2011

when it rains it pours

Hi blogger friends! I've missed you all so much... Really! {Thanks Carole for the blogging talk yesterday}. I've realized a few things in the last few days. I need time to re-coop & re-rejuvenate my mind, body & soul. Without positive new energy I can't function. Sign number one for me... My voice went out yesterday {great}.  Sign number two... My back office computer crashed now. Sign number three... The Internet was down all day at our office. Sign number four... I read over at Simply Seleta that she needed to slow down &  back off to nurture herself.  Well, there you have it my friends... In  a nut shell I need to nurture myself, slow down &  relax. It's a sign! So if my posts are a little spotty for a little bit you know why. After the huge event  {click here} that the rustic rooster is hosting, my voice comes back, the Internet is turned on &  I get my new computer... I'll blog, blog, blog!  Please don't feel sorry for me. I'm busy as ever {kicking butt} & loving it, but I just need to get my priorities straight. Health & family come first! That's it... {huge smile}

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  1. Just read a similar post the other day...we do have to know when to slow down... Hope you get lots of rest! I am enjoying your blog! -Ann


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