Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend {recap}

It was absolutely beautiful this weekend in San Diego...  So Sean & I I jumped at the opportunity to get our little ones outside. The rain has kept us cooped up & crazy. We pumped the air up in our bike tires, shined our seats... Put  our helmets on & took off to Mission Bay. It's such a perfect place to take the kids for a simple & stress free bike ride. Plus, in the middle of our ride there's a wonderful park that the kids play at for hours. We biked back to the car got some lunch & every one was happy & super tired {Ryan}!

Then I decided to stop by one of my design clients homes because their floor was just completed... I was dying to see it! It turning out fabulous! They unrolled one of their newly purchased rugs... I can't believe how much everything is starting to come together. I'll show you more pictures later. So exciting!

Once the day was done... Right before bed I started reading Taylor Pippi Longstocking. I feel she's at that age where her mind is racing & she's creating little worlds in it. Isn't the imagination wonderful! Taylor's my little Pippi!

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend like we did! 

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