Friday, December 3, 2010

come on in...

Welcome to the rustic rooster this Christmas Season...
{the garland & Christmas lights have been hung}
{our wreath has been placed perfectly}
{lanterns have been lit}

{books have been wrapped}
{rugs have been stocked}

{poinsettias have been placed all around}

Now all we need next is to see your smiling faces...
{more goodies inside for that perfect stocking stuffer or big under the tree gift}


  1. You know, I just have to say, I love everything you do! It is so fresh, yet tradtional and doesn't look like everything else out there. Won't you please come on out east and work your magic in my home. xo, Tessa

  2. Ahhh Tessa Thank you so much! I'm blushing! :) would be back east in a heartbeat! How fun would it be if I started a rustic rooster on the east coast! Hmm :)

    Sarah... Thank you! It looks so beautiful right now. The roosters glowing!!!!


  3. I drove by the rooster on Sunday and it looked so darn cute! I love your decorations. Merry Christmas!!!


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