Wednesday, October 6, 2010

take 1: project scully... creative lunches

Today was my first day of really getting into my kids lunches... "CREATIVELY"! I'm very consciouses of all the fresh & healthy food that I put into their lunches {mouths}... I had a huge discussion with my husband this past weekend about eating habits...etc. He told me as a young child his eating habits weren't that fresh & healthy. I had the complete opposite... My mom made everything lunch fresh & healthy. Fruit salad was our desert at night... Chips weren't even in the house & Cheerios was a treat for us. Don't get me wrong we had McDonald's & soda... so I did have a mix. I think Kids need a balance though. If you go to the extreme one way you might have a child that revolts & goes the complete opposite. So after that HUGE discussion with the hubby we're really going to be very strict & slightly extreme during the week & then on the weekends let loose a little & have fun. Maybe have bubbles with dinner or a scoop of ice cream for desert. I think this is a good plan. We're both very determined to change that for our children & make healthier decisions for them everyday. Now the challenge for me is being creative "everyday"... changing things up & making their lunches match. But, of course one has to be boy blue, spider man & buzz light year & the other has to be girly pink, petals, princesses & ponies! One false move & I'm going down! Remember they both go to pre-school together! Go Team Scully! By the way... I'm so not perfect. I {we} might fall off the wagon & hit up a pizza joint during the week so please love me & my family. I'm just trying hard to do the right thing!!!!!
Fruit kabobs... Arranged super fun
The fun cutters... Hmmm I wonder which one is for Taylor & which one is for Ryan!
Wa La... Project Scully... Creative lunches is underway!

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  1. Hey Alex! Here is a blog that I follow that might help to inspire some crafty lunches for your kiddos...



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