Friday, September 17, 2010

social what

Social media... What's that?

Social media is media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible & scalable publishing techniques... Ok, What? Let me explain it in, "Alexandra words"... Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & Websites. The linking & connecting to all of these creative media outlets to get your product or company discovered. Fewwwww, that was hard. I've been blogging, facebooking & twitting now for over a year & half & have started to get noticed by people. {thank you} It takes time to get noticed... But, I've been determined & driven to do so because I love our business so much! Plus, the rustic rooster has blossomed even more from our blog. Facebook has been fun & helped us connect with tons of different clients & customers... & twitting has opened my mind up to new things {I'm trying to get on board with that one}.

I got a phone call that I was recommended to be on a panel to discuss Social Media at the Kravet Showroom in San Diego. I jumped {a bit nervous} at the chance!

The morning started off with delicious treats & warm coffee to get the buzz going in the room!

Chairs were perfectly organized... Kind of felt like I was graduating college or getting married again.

Designers started arriving... My heart started racing. Of course I started sweating {what elses is new}... Then I thought to myself OH MY GOSH I didn't bring any extra deodorant or perfume... Great! Yoga Breaths! I'll be just fine. I love all this stuff! I have a BLAST with our BLOG & FACEBOOK. I can do this!

I raced to get some water... & then I actually relaxed. The presentation had begun & I couldn't run now!

BAMN... It was over just like that! I got nervous for that... So easy I was a pro. OK I'm officially a dork now! lol

Rebecca Robeson {Robeson Design}, Jennifer Powell {Social Media Coordinator - Kravet} & me
The beautiful & talented girl in the middle was head coordinator of this entire event. She was absolutely wonderful to talk with. I really enjoyed listening to her discuss how you can grow your business even more... The do's & dont's. Thanks you so much Jennifer for this wonderful opportunity. Loved it! Please ask me again.. I would do it in a heart beat!

Last but not least... I must end on this note - Rebecca was such a delight to be with as well. She's very talented & full of life & energy. The moment you meet her you feel as if you have known her for ages... Get this she's called the Queen of YouTube interior design videos. Go check her out! You go Rebecca!
So that's Social Media in a nutshell... & my adventure on being on a panel to discuss the rooster success! Kravet, Thank You so much for putting on such a wonderful event & inviting me!

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  1. That's awesome Alex, you should be proud! I'm pretty sure Sally is:) You look very pretty in your outfit too. All professional and stuff:)


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