Friday, September 17, 2010

factory outlet sale online...

{click on photo to take you to sale link}

I was just e-mailed this... I'm dying right now! Yaaaa!!! Us Southern Cali people are pretty lucky because we have a J-Crew Outlet store here in our backyard {kind of}! We usually say it's in Mexico because it's right by the Mexico border... No joke you can park your car in the outlet mall... Walk across to Mexico, get a street Taco & then come back home to shop at J-Crew. It's probably a 45 minute drive for me {don't mind that drive at all}... I do it because I like the outlet J-Crew a little more than the regular one. Don't ask why, but I tend to find & buy soooo much more. Call me crazy, but I love it! So when I got this e-mail about their sale online I was so thrilled I had to share... I've never seen this happen before. Do tell me what you purchase if you do... Would love to hear! Enjoy!

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  1. HOLY CRUD ALEX! I'm from So Cal and I've NEVER heard of that outlet before! Dying! I always wondered if one existed since the only thing we have around here are the discount stores at the bargain malls. I'm going to have to make a serious trip down when I've got cash in my pocket to burn. Thanks for the heads up!


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