Wednesday, September 8, 2010

calling all interns

For a long time now the rustic rooster has been a big HUGE supporter of internships. I feel that my internship with Jeffrey Allen Marks {jam} saved my faith in my career! I started to doubt my major in my junior year of College because they were pushing more of the architectural side... Not saying that that's a bad thing it just wasn't my point of interest... Or should I say my calling. I was so ready to switch majors... To communications to be exact. Hmmm could you believe that! lol But, the moment I met Jeffrey, started interning for him, my love & passion for design came back in full force. Plus, Jeffrey was a perfect mentor to me... I loved working with him & eventually for him {paid} in La Jolla. Talk about an awesome 1st Job! I new I made the right decision to stay in my major... All because of my internship. Thanks Jeffrey! I can't tell you how lucky I got... I heard horror stories of my friends internships... So Sad! The problem {i think} some interior designers are crazy... So they take all of their frustration out on anyone around them... Assistants or interns. Not good! So I swore the day I graduated & started my own business I was going to have interns & help guide them through... I think I've done pretty well in that department because all my interns have come back to say HI, called for help on getting new jobs, grown pretty successful in their own careers & we've employed some of them {Hi Jenna... We LOVE you!} I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to my interns from the past... HEEEEELLLLLOOOO!
So it's that time of year again...

I'm looking for some interns to work at the rooster. I'm very flexible on hours & days... Just e-mail me or call 760.436.2171 if your interested. We then can discuss the roosters internship further... I do have to say we are fun!!! Can't wait to interview you & get started!!!


  1. jealous of your interns I want to hang out in the shop, decorate, design and sell adorable furniture all day. So glad you didn't go into communications!

  2. Jennifer... We would love to have someone like you at the rooster. The rooster is so much FUN!!!



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