Monday, June 28, 2010

squeaky clean

I think I would definitely take more showers if I had this shower curtain... Isn't she pretty? OK... I think I probably just scared 1/2 my readers away... LOL Of course I shower everyday religiously! This would just make me take 10 more instead of my average 5 that I do. {I hope you all didn't believe that} Why do I like her so much... Pattern? Color?... Or is it just the fact that I need to take a shower right now... {giggle}

{photo via style chronicle}


  1. I love this pattern! And the fact that the red isn't too pronounced, it gives the shower curtain a weathered feel. I'm tempted to purchase two; cut up one into long strips and gather, then add ruffles to the uncut shower curtain. Think anthropologie's famous ruffle shower curtain... yes, that style!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh I like that idea! The price is great!!! Do it & blog about it! ;)



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