Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hmmm... i don't know

He's 2 years old... & wild {no joke}! I really want him to go to his sisters pre-school for the social & fun, fun, fun time. He absolutely loves playing with the kids, toys & the teachers when he goes to pick her up... So I can't let him down & not send him. I want to give him the greatest gift of all... Friends, play time & social skills. I know Sean & I, my mom & dad & our nanny can only give him so much. He deserves the best & everything... So I better suck it up & potty train this little wild thing. Hey, I can overlook that he's already pooped in 1 pair of Thomas the Train underwear, by the way he picked them out all by himself at Target ... Peed in the second pair all in a matter of 1 hr. Ahhhh Good times! Hmmmmm... I don't know.
Every time I would try & take a picture of him in his new undies he would move... Sorry for the blurry pictures

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