Wednesday, May 12, 2010

what's on your desk?

I found this fabulous blue & white jar the other day... Oh, I just love it on my desk! Doesn't it look just devine next to Ryan's cars. So what's on your desk?


  1. harper is obsessed with matchbox cars. i swear i buy him one every time we're in target. good thing they are only a $1 and some change. i think they compliment your jar so nicely. haha! can't wait to see you on saturday!!!

  2. on my desk is a calendar with a question mark for Friday lunch? ha! and i also have this lil' jewel of a calendar framed in a Tiffany blue frame.....

  3. Well, my desk is in multiple places!! The computer is in a hutch and it has gameboy and games as well as some homework papers!! All my bills are neatly thrown into a cubby below. Upstairs is my sewing/craft/office and it has two lamps sitting there finished but no place to go!!! Also a container I made over that needs a topiary made to go in it!!

    Love the blue and white jar and I miss when my boys were little and had their matchbox cars everywhere....


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