Monday, April 5, 2010

pregunta de la salsa

Please don't think I'm crazy, but I would love to sell {shhh & eat} fresh home made salsa {canned so it doesn't have to be refrigerated} at the rooster. How yummy would that be! Friday fiestas with chips, home made salsa & Margareta's! OH I'm in!

So if you know of anyone who is in the salsa business that's trying to get their product out contact me at the rooster { or 760.436.2171). Of course we will need to test it first. Hope I do get a few people calling or recommending friends. I know this is a random request, but their is a store in Arizona that sells salsa & it looks so good, yummy & fun! Hey, the rooster chicks are up for anything... Why not! Dare to be different

:: rooster requirements ::
  • local
  • good
  • fresh
  • kitchen certified
  • attractive label


  1. Alexandra, that salsa looks great. Please share your recipe.

    About the earthquake, it was weird and lasted a long time. I bet you really felt it in San Diego! Mother nature is not a happy lady lately.

    xxoo kelley

  2. Kelley,

    Mother Nature is definitely not happy {with all of us}. The earthquake wasn't that bad. It was just soooo long. I thought something bad was going to happen because it kept going & going & going!

    Got the photo off of Google images... Didn’t have a recipe. Sorry! Doesn’t it look good!



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