Monday, April 26, 2010

clean & organized

Mom & I have been cleaning out & organizing my storage all day today... I down sized to a smaller unit. Yippee cleaned out & saving money... What a great combo! Now I can't wait to move to a bigger house so I can get my goodies all out of storage. It's going to be like Christmas when I open up all my boxes {wedding gifts} again. Mom has some great finds in my storage too... By the way look how good she looks for cleaning, sweating, schlepping & organizing all day! You would have fallen over laughing if you had seen me. Picture this... Bleach stained sweats, dirty hair & no make-up. Nice! Feels so good to be clean & organized...


  1. alex, your storage unit has nicer stuff that what i have in my own house!!! i can't wait for the garage sale. i just may be your number one customer haha!!!!

  2. I love Mama Rooster! If you ever want to get rid of any of your stuff....remember your dear friend!

  3. Seriously, that's a neat + tidy storage unit with beautiful stuff!


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