Sunday, March 28, 2010

the silent killer

Have you met the silent killer yet? Well, let me introduce him to you all if you haven't met him... His name is Eric & he's a personal trainer... OUCH! You will either LOVE him or HATE him. I'm kind of liking him right now though. I'm on my 4th training session with him & I'm feeling it. I guess that's a good thing {that's what he says}.

Eric isn't like most trainers. He's quiet, extremely polite, very gentle & way too nice! No joke at all! The first training session with him he asked me... How many reps could I do on squats.? I laughed {haven't felt my butt muscle since birth} & said seriously, 12! He was so kind & said, Oh well I was thinking more like 50, but we can start with 12. OK I think I love you Eric! LOL All the trainers I have met & worked out with in the past make me hurt so bad right off the get go. I can barely get to my car & can't walk for about a week after working out. Hmmm a little excessive I think in my book.

I feel a trainer is definitely like a business... Why kill your business on the 1st session. You need to make friends, get your client to love you & then get them hooked & BAMMM you look fabulous!
If you would like to train with the silent killer {i just call him that}... Call him for hours & rates. He's looking to add a few more clients to his list! His number is {805} 816-3313
Tell him Alex recommended that you call... Off for another training session {it's really Monday morning & I'm posting this}. I'm sooooo determined right now! Now even more since I decided that I'm really done having babies. The Scully clan is complete at 4!

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  1. And easy on the eyes to boot!! ; ) (sshhhh don't tell David I said that!! hehehe)


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