Monday, March 8, 2010


It's someones birthday at the rooster tomorrow. Oh they're going to kill me that I'm telling you all. Well, I'm not really saying a name, but I'm saying it's someone who works at the rooster! If they ask who told... Don't throw me under the bus just say a little birdy did. So I called my little helper into the kitchen... We started creating & baking & WA LA this is what happened...

OH NO... Not this guy. He would have destroyed everything if he was invited into the kitchen. Look at his face so pure & innocent {ya right}! I gave him a fiber something power bar something which ended up mostly on his face. He sure at it up {silence for 5 minutes... Heaven}! Yummy!
I called this girl in... Taylor Michelle Scully! She is so good in the kitchen. She loves to help... Crack eggs, mix, pour, clean. You name it she even makes her own {sometimes} peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in the morning for her lunch at pre-school! Start them young... Just kidding!
We started with Cream cheese frosting... My favorite!
Then as per Taylor's request... She wanted the cake to be pink. OK so it's now obvious it's a girls birthday. ha ha ha
Taylor added a little dye to the frosting.
She mixed it... Ahhh the perfect shade of pink! You go Taylor!
The gangs all here... Sprinkles, chocolate frosting for inside the double decker cake & the pink top frosting.
WA LA our pink poodle Birthday Cake!
Can't wait to dig into it tomorrow...
I had better run my 3 miles so I can eat this.
Oh it's on!

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