Monday, March 22, 2010


I can't believe where the time has gone... I feel like my 1st born child, my little baby girl just had her 1st birthday yesterday. Oh my gosh Taylor will be 4 this week {Wednesday}... I never realized how emotional & sentimental I could get over one little girl. Taylor's getting so beautiful, smart, sweet & amazing! Stop Taylor your making your mommy go crazy... Stop growing & stop surprising me! I love you baby girl! Here are some images from Taylor's 1st birthday party{2007}...

{party favors... sugar cookies}

{Taylor having cake for the 1st time}
{kitchen set up}
{back yard drink station... Hmmm look who's 1st at the bar}
{picnic table love}


  1. happy early birthday taylor! her 1st bday party was darling, just like taylor herself:) xoxo

  2. swingingfromthechandelier@gmail.comMarch 22, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    awwwwwww!!!! sooo cute! I so remmber her drinking the water out of the ice bucket....
    now here she is so cute AND she can whistle too!!!
    HAppy Bday Taylor Scully...

  3. oh my she is CUTE! she was a chubbers just like my little girl...LOVE chubby babies!

  4. Shelly,

    Yes, Taylor was such a chubbers... Just now she is getting so tall & lean! She's beautiful! I love chubby babies too!!!!!!!


    We did have a great time that day! She loved that ice! Oh she's a whistling queen!!!!! {a little too much sometimes}


    You would have loved her 1st birthday... Perfect for a princess! WOW, 4 years old!



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