Wednesday, March 24, 2010

happy birthday

Happy 4th birthday my sweet baby girl!
Taylor Michelle Scully


  1. happy birthday taylor! loooove the banner. will you be working tomorrow? i was gonna stop by to say hello!

  2. Sorry I missed you... I was stuck at home depot picking out NEW paint colors by Martha Stewart for the rooster! Oh did I have fun!


  3. yeah, melissa told me you went to home depot, so i figured you were picking out paint haha. can't wait to see the new colors!!!!

    oh you so should invest in some tory burch flats. you would love them. soooo comfy and they really make your outfit stand out. i saw 3 moms wearing them at the park the other day, and then tonight at dinner, my friend was wearing the black ones and as we were leaving, i saw a girl with the red ones. i think i want them in every color now. i would suggest going to nordstroms at utc and trying them on for size. some people say they run small, but mine fit true to size. lets plan a fun get together soon!!! have a great weekend xoxo


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