Thursday, January 7, 2010

what's wrong with me

I think Something might be wrong with me... I've become {slightly} obsessed with classic shingles, coastal shutters, white picket fences, wrap around porches, climbing roses, french doors, diamond windows, dutch doors, carriage lights, soap stone, carrera marble, blue/green slate... used brick, linen, basket weave patterns... Oh My! I think I might have a fever... Call the doctor!

I rarely see this look here in San Diego so I have to dream {i actually put myself to sleep designing homes like this} about it or hope I get a design client that appreciates & loves that look. All custom! If you do see it... {it does happen} Cherish the precious moment that you have with it. Hold it & care for it... Because it's rare. Take a picture & send it to me! Please!!!

Ok, The fever's back... Look at the porches ceiling. Am I alive... ? It's in High gloss too!

I'm seeing things... I think I have to jump right in. Wouldn't you love to throw a huge backyard party here with blue & white pottery filled with hydrangeas as the center pieces. Yes!

Why do you... me... they... them... everyone like this kitchen? Because it's clean looking... White & fresh!
I think I need to see a doctor... or win the lottery to build my DREAM home.. One day! It will happen. 7-11 I'll see you tomorrow to buy my lottery ticket!

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