Friday, January 29, 2010

new addition

Isn't she pretty... She arrived last week {to my house}. I'm so in love with her! The kids have welcomed her with open arms... Thank goodness not with pens! We're loving every minute with our new dresser {bundle of joy}.

:: dresser from the rustic rooster ::
{one-of-a-kind vintage}


  1. i love that dresser, and everything on it too! that whole corner is just perfect.

    i'm glad that you heard good things about sanderling. collin's boss's kids go there and so do a few kids of a bunch of pro skaters that my brother in law knows. they all highly recommended it. i'm still not sure if its the one though. i've been meaning to call kids by the sea, since you like it there, but i haven't had time. we are in sanderling for the next 16 weeks, and then i have to make a decision if we want to stay or go. so far it's good, but i want to keep my options open. i am totally like you though, if they saw my household they would RUN! i will prob start him in real preschool at 3 or 3.5. i'm so new to all of this! at least you are a pro now after taylor!

  2. YES - she is very pretty, and perfectly accessorized too. All the best, Lori

  3. *sigh* she should of been mine....

  4. Greta,

    I heard you came in to see her... It was LOVE at first sight. When she grows up I will call you, maybe she can stay over at your house for a little while... LOL!



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