Sunday, January 3, 2010

{lesson 1...}

Everyone please get a pen & piece of paper out
{I'll wait if you don't}

It's time to take notes!
:: Exterior ::
1.) Manicured landscaping
2.) Gravel {possibly shells} driveway
3.) Exterior is all different levels {not a stucco box & flat}
4.) Proper entry
5.) Continuation of shingle siding {not broken up}
:: Close up of entry - Front porch ::
1.) Different size & designed windows {they say that different windows on a house brings good luck plus show a very creative & good architect}
2.) Incorporated brick {didn't paint it either}
3.) Look at all the trim & detail on the exterior
4.) Perfect shutters {coastal}
5.) Classic porch lite
:: Interior Kitchen ::
1.) White Classic cabinets {timeless}
2.) Great use of color {one big POP}
3.) Love the latches on the cabinet doors
4.) Fabulous wood floors
5.) Fun lights {I'm sitting on the fence on those...Hmmm}
:: Kitchen - Different view ::
1.) Brought the red from the island over to the bar stools {nice follow through}
2.) Added glass cabinets to help the kitchen still feel open {plus nice display for china...etc.}
3.) Deep enough eating surface
4.) Simple & smooth counter tops {not busy & distracting}
5.) Like the texture on the bar {beaded board}
:: Bathroom ::
1.) Kept the bathroom simple & white {can change it up with towels...etc. throughout the years}
2.) Beaded boarded {that sounds so awkward to say} the walls {nice touch}
3.) Put wood flooring in the bathroom {no rules... Good one}
4.) Tied the mirror with the floor {remember red island & red bar stools}
5.) Bathtub, bathtub, bathtub... Need I say more!

:: Master Bedroom Closet ::
1.) Wood floors
2.) In closed all the closets with doors {no one needs to see your mess}
3.) Added a chaise lounge to sit when tired of trying on all your clothes {or hubby can sit too}
4.) Added lights in "each" closet so you can see your clothes
5.) Classic latches like the kitchen cabinets {follow through}

Good note taking
{or you can print this out if your hand got tired or writing}


Classic Coastal Homes


  1. This really is the perfect style home! Thanks for all the notes. Happy New Year! Tracey xx

  2. Are you kidding me? This house is so perfect, I do I get one?

  3. That kitchen literally took my breath away! And yes I DO heart it!!! I agree with you on the lights in the kitchen - I like them, I just think there are a few too many. And I would KILL for that closet (btw, I ALWAYS keep my horse saddle in my closet - don't you??) Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!


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