Sunday, January 31, 2010

2nd flip

Here's a peek at all the BEFORE pictures of my 2nd flip with Bill & Andy... This is a Thrasher of a house!

Can't wait to show you the AFTERS... Hopefully soon!
Would love to here your thoughts on this house....


  1. Can't WAIT to see the finished project!
    p.s. I am like 10 pages away from finishing The Help. It is amazing!

  2. Hi Alexandra, let me just say I love everything about this house! From the ivy to the stucco, the drop in ceiling and the brass/gold shower enclosure. Love it all!!! What's not to like about vertical blinds...silly me?!

    ps: did I mention that pinkurple is my favoritest color? ever.

    Go get 'em


  3. What neighborhood in SD is this? I love the rooster, am in the midst of home searching, and would love a cute little fixer-upper like this one. :)

  4. Hello,
    Can't wait to see the after pics! I have always wanted to do this sort of thing. Just found your blog & anxious to check it out!!


  5. Kelley,

    My heart goes out to all the gorgeous accessories & beautiful touches in this flip home. The minute I saw it I wanted to keep it ALL! I had a big battle with everyone... It's hard letting the gold shower in closer go. Maybe I can save that for my next dream home! Oh ya I can get you that bedroom color too... I think it’s the new color now! You have such good taste! I’m glad we found each other’s blogs… Great taste sticks together HA HA HA

    I think I almost wet my pants laughing so hard with your comment... Thanks! LOL


    This house is in La Mesa on a street called Thrasher. Definitely great price point! You can get fabulous fixer uppers right now. We are going in to foreclose that NO one lives in. We feel it too hard to kick people out of their homes all because of the banks can’t or won’t re-finance {sometimes not the home owners fault to foreclose}... Morally incorrect. Carlsbad {north county} has some great fixer uppers & cute too.

    Thanks for visiting Shellagh... This is a fun blog from interior design projects, flipping houses, kids, recipes... & much much more Good times! Enjoy!



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