Thursday, December 3, 2009

too cute


Had to share this one...
A little girl & her mother came into the rooster to find the perfect night stand for the little girl. They found it! The night stand hadn't even been painted yet. So they were able to pick the color they wanted. I over heard the daughter repeatedly asking for the night stand to be painted red. Her mom repeatedly kept saying NO... I finally heard the mom ask, "Why do you want it red? You have nothing in your room that's red!" The little girl responded... "Mommy, Ariel's {little mermaid} hair is red & I love her! So that's why I would like it painted Red!" OK, that's too cute! Well, she didn't get it painted red... But, the color they picked was lavender. It turned out beautiful... Perfect for a little girls 1st night stand!

The perfect little paint job by the rustic rooster...

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