Wednesday, November 4, 2009

His & Her LOVE

I would LOVE to drive to work {really everywhere} in this car!

SEAN {his}:
He would LOVE to have this car & drive around town
{to go surfing & golfing in} in this car!
One day...
When we sell our place {market please, please get better} & get a house with a garage you will see these two beauties in our driveway/garage. Thank goodness Sean is really good at fixing things {everything}, great mechanic {loves to tinker} & he's a creative builder {can build anything, really!}! I have grabbed a good guy...
We would LOVE to restore these two cars one day!


  1. Alex,so funny! That is my ideal dream car, too. Love, love, love!!!

  2. Why did they have to stop making those Jeeps!... they are soooo good... we need to bring wood paneling back! I am thinking navy with tan leather interior ;)... oxo

  3. Alexis... My really good friends father had that car in the navy blue & tan interior... I was obsessed with it! They're very hard to find... I've been looking. If I go back east I can get one, but it probably wouldn't make the drive home. Hmmm What's a girl to do!!! Love both of them!
    xoxo, Alexandra


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