Monday, October 12, 2009


It's all about the

The jaws are open & ready for grillin!
Don't you like the diet coke in the back ground... You would think It was a beer or something while I was Grillin... Nope a good old diet coke (the girl way...LOL)

I saw these little mini burgers
at Trader Joe's & couldn't resist...
Too cute!

They even have buns to match... Ahhhhhhh

Cook meat approx. 12 minutes...
Make sure you flip & cook your meat thoroughly

Then I thought instead of french fries to go with mini burgers...
I'm going to make sauteed veggies.
Bag of carrots, 2 zucchini & a box of sliced mushrooms.
You really can put what ever veggie you like...
This is what I had in the fridge.

All chopped up... Oh don't forget to add Garlic... !!!

Add a little salt, butter, olive oil & pepper...
Unfortunately, I can't tell you how much to put in the pan...
I just throw a little of this & a little of that in.
You can be the judge of what you like & what you don't like.

Getting all the toppings ready...
Ahhh my good friends, Ketchup & Mayo.
Can't have a burger without these buddies!
They are always welcome to the party!

Raw sliced onion (for me me), sliced Roma tomatoes, spinach & sliced pickles.

This is what you get... Gourmet Mini Burger!
Go make them...
They're soooo good & fun to make too!

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