Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This ones going to be a very long one...

1.) Red vintage stool

2.) Cottage oval coffee table
another view

3.) Contemporary chest
Something a little different to throw in the rooster mix!

4.) Book shelf

5.) Tall Book shelf... We're going to put a new back on this one.

6.) Step stool... I just want to eat you up. Your like a little chocolate chip! Yummy!

7.) TRUNK... To hide all the JUNK
:: You could use this under a window for reading... Ahhh great idea!::

Side view of the TRUNK with all your JUNK

8.) Night stand... 2 drawers.

9.) Tall dresser... Not too tall but not too low.
10.) Jenny Lind magazine holder

11.) Hutch... Hurry on this one! I think calls have already been made... Run don't walk!

12.) Cabinet with tons of shelves!
I think I kind of like this one... But, once again it wont fit in the space I would like it to go. Please some one give this a good home. Its sooooooooooo awesome!

13.) Small Book shelf... But has a BIG heart!

14.) 3 drawer night stand

15.) White highboy. Not bad!

16.) French leg bench...

Close up of it's curves. Soooo pretty!

17.) Book shelf... So you like to read, your kids like to read too.... I've got it!

Close up of bookshelf. Cool idea in a playroom. Looks like a library. You can display artwork too!
Bottom legs of bookshelf

18.)Short shelf
19.)Loooooooong Shelf

close up of shelf

20.) Corner bookshelf... Need more space, but don't have that much room, I got it!!! It's here at the rooster... a bookshelf (corner one too)!

21.) Drop leaf table. Good for a small kitchen, sofa table, entry piece and even in a kids art room! I like that idea... Need the space, pop up a leaf!

22.) Night stand or end table... NICE!

23.) Vintage Chair... This would look pretty good as a desk chair!

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing
please call rustic rooster

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