Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is going to be a long one...

1.) Small hutch...

Love the door fronts... Amazing detail!

This piece dates back to the 1850's.... Nate one of our customers says so.
Hmmmm maybe I should take it to Antique Road Show.
The rooster could make millions!
That would be nice!!!

2.) Small nightstand (we have 2 of them)

3.) Vintage wood rocker... I love it.
We found it in the garage... Way in the back & now it needs a good home!

4.) Vintage old desk... Pick a color!

5.) Vintage old desk... Love the hardware on this one! - SOLD
6.) 2 new custom step stools... Pick a color!
7.) TV cabinet... or Storage cabinet... or dog food cabinet... or ANYTHING cabinet!

Kids destruction...
Of course my children would never do something like this!
Ha ha ha

8.) 2 white bar stools
9.) Sea foam green drop leaf... I kind of like this one
(as Melissa would say, I heart this one!)

10.) White French leg sofa table

11.) Kids little white art/craft table

12.) White Side table, small stool... You can call it what you like!

13.) White cottage side table with a drawer... Isn't she lovely! - SOLD

14.) Chunky (this is a very strong & hearty table... Kind of sounds like me...LOL) White drop leaf kitchen table... OR kitchen Island.

15.) White small open back bookshelf

16.) Navy blue tall bookshelf... I could see this one in a seaside study! Perfect! SOLD

17.) Butter cream cottage coffee table... chunky & rectangular.
It's all about the butter cream! - SOLD

18.) White Rocking chair... Soft & simple. SOLD

19.) Red tool box. The perfect accent in any room...

20.) Apple green metal outdoor table
Well, I did it again... Managed to try & make things funny! Hope I made you laugh... even if it was for a moment. For those who don't know me, yet, I think I'm funny, but not always.
If you have any questions on
measurement & pricing
please call the
rustic rooster, 760.436.2171

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