Thursday, August 13, 2009

What we do best.... Before & After!

Beyond rustic rooster interiors one-of-a-kind
furniture & accessories...

We also refinish your own (from home, passed down from grandma & grandpa or you happened to stumble upon a piece in the alley) pieces. We can do it ALL!

Plus, if you see anything in the rooster we can CHANGE the color for you. Yes, we will add an extra fee to re-paint but, we can give you what you want.
It's all about YOU!

Take this piece for example... It was a rustic rooster fun find.

It's waiting so patiently to get painted...

original everything on it...

Taaaa Daaa It's all done! White & Bright

It was sold to a loving family... They took it home, but unfortunately the white color didn't work well... They new our return policy. 5 days from the date of your purchase... So they could return it. Plus, it wasn't on sale (sale items are final).

Well, one of my really good girlfriends happened to walk in to look for a baby changing table (dresser) for their baby on the way... She spotted this one & asked if we could re-paint it so it would fit the color scheme in the babies room.

She went to Home Depot & picked up a color of her choice.... Petal pink! Gorgeous!

She then wanted a softer & more feminine knob for the dresser. She found these at Home Depot too!

Perfect transformation....

Don't throw out that old & scratched piece of furniture. Let it have a second chance on life & give it a face lift... We all need one at some point in time (I know I will!). Just think a new look for a pinch of the cost... You can bring in the piece, pick the color & we take care of all the rest. Just e-mail ( a picture of the piece (s) that you would like to be re-painted & a little description of the piece (s) & we will e-mail you back a free estimate.
So easy!

rustic rooster
930 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

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