Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School

My little bundle of joy is going back to school tomorrow...
Pre-school of course, but a big deal to Miss Taylor! We did the head to toe check... Clean hair, new clothes, new shoes, new lunch pail and even added in a manicure and pedicure courtesy of "mommy" salon! With a VA VA VOOM color, Hot Pink! She could hardly stand it... She was so excited! All Taylor has been talking about is seeing her friends and meeting the new kids... and she's a big girl now. I think my baby is growing up. Hope everyone who's little one(s) are going to school tomorrow for the first or returning time has a very good day! Off to get her clothes ready for tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah Taylor, Preschool is the best :)
    I was so sad when we graduated.
    I just wanted to say I adore your shop, one of my favorite places. I am drinking my coffee out of my Rustic Rooster mug as I type this.
    I just found your blog and am so excited you have one.


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