Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ok, I did it . . .

Ok, I did it . . . I bought Taylor Rainbows . . . They're too cute! I walked into Becker here in Encinitas & saw them . . . It was L.O.V.E at first site! I can't believe my 3 year old has pink Rainbow flip flops . Pretty styling if you want to ask me . . . I know I'm a crazy mom.


  1. harper has these too! i actually bought them before he was even born, and they are still too big. haha! they are only the best flip flops ever! i got them about the same time i bought his north face denali jacket. so, yes, i'm in the same crazy boat that you are in!!!! so glad i'm not alone.

  2. We can ride the boat together . . . I feel so much better! Ha Ha!!!! Sean came home and noticed them . . . Oh, did I get the eye! I couldn't dig myself out of this one. No saving me . . . Love it!!!


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