Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today has started out to be an amazing & wonderful Father's day . . . The sun is shining bright & the weather is not too hot but, not too cold . . . It's just perfect!

The day started off like this . . . Daddy opened up his gifts & loved all of them! Especially Taylor's hand made t-shirt. That's a keeper . . . Sean called it his P.J.
shirt. Ha Ha

Then we got a little silly time in . . . Taylor & daddy doing their typical funny/crazy faces!

I fed Ryan before we left because he would have freaked out if he hadn't eaten on time. All of Encinitas would have heard this child scream . . . No joke!
Then the Scully clan started on our walking adventure. So far so good . . . everyone is happy! Ryan is laughing with Taylor. Mommy & daddy are having an adult conversation. We're having a great day. Yaaa Ryan passed out for his nap (took the walk during his 1st morning nap). We got to St. Tropez, ordered our food & waited patiently. Everything was so quiet because Ryan was sleeping. Ahh peace! After our amazing breakfast we decided to walk over to Hansen's for some sunscreen. Yes, I left that at home. Really good mom! Then I also got some of those UV Ray Long sleeve shirts. I'm sold . . . The kids loved them too. A new must on our house! After getting all the goods we took off for our next destination . . . The beach. We let the animals out. They were wild & free.

3 amigos digging to China

Run Ryan run . . .

My wild man . . . Attacking me! Ahhhh

Loved my new paint color on my toes . . . Don't they look pretty! Sorry to get sidetracked its all about Sean Today!

Taylor playing on her own

Best Father EVER . . . Mr. Sean Thomas Scully!

Little man Ryan . . . So happy to be free at the beach.

We has so much fun today . . . !!!

Taylor & Ryan are so blessed to have an amazing, hands on, fun, adventures & real dad who loves them dearly! They can always count on him for anything & everything. I'm so lucky to have an amazing husband who is so good to his kids. Thank you Sean!

Happy Father's Day from the Scully Family!

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  1. Sounds like a great, fun, family day! The best kind to have!
    Beautiful family!


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