Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mom and I want to first start off by saying THANK YOU very much for all the amazing business that has been coming our way! I feel like I need to knock on wood because we have been above and beyond busy (Yes!) . . . Furniture is flying out the door right now. We are so blessed that we have wonderful customers that have stayed with us and referred us to many . . . Wow, 9 years and counting! If anyone is interested in something that I post on my blog please call the moment you see it because pieces are going like hot cakes! I'm being very serious!

You should see the store right now. It is so bare. We were gearing up for our normal Tuesday . . . Mellow, simple, re-organizing, shifting around old and new furniture. . . OH NO that didn't happen. Everyone picked their pieces up like they said they would (thank you!) and people bought, bought, bought. New accessories arrived yesterday too and we barely opened up boxes and people were buying things straight out of boxes (thanks Nancy . . . Sorry about not giving you the Finials, Opps!). It was comedy central. Loved it!

Here are some new pieces of furniture that arrived. So much more came . . . I didn't have time to get all the pictures taken. So first thing today when I get in the office I will take pictures and post them.

We have dressers, chairs, side table, end table, tons of mirrors, farm tables, hutches and much much more . . . I will post before pictures so you can even pick the color you want.

Please call if you have any questions on pricing or measurements . . . 760.436.2171

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