Friday, May 8, 2009

Geraniums ONLY please

Look at these gorgeous geraniums . . . VAA VAA VOOM! Yes, they're right in front of the rustic rooster and so happy right now. Amazing! If you just talk and water (just a little bit) your geraniums could look like these beauties! I'm so proud of my gardening skills. Don't ask me to do your garden because I can barely feed my kids let alone water these little guys. Hee Hee

Red and white geraniums are my favorite colors. At my house I have planted white . . . I will post those one of these days because I killed them and now they are just starting to come back. My nanny is helping me water them back to health . . . Thanks Teresa!!! Too much of my attention has been dedicated to the roosters flower box. I think I have my priorities messed up.
Just go to Target or Home Depot. Super inexpensive and always in stock! The perfect combo! Sounds like McDonald's drive Thur for me . . . OK, sorry I think I'm really funny today, but not. I went to get donuts with my son this morning and I believe that my head is filled with so much sugar that I'm delirious. Yes, I said it . . . I went and bought a dozen donuts. Ryan had his first donut (need to write that down) . . . his first I swear it!
Happy gardening . . . Or should I say happy geranium hunting/growing!!!!

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