Thursday, April 9, 2009


The rustic rooster has been pretty BUSY lately . . . Our furniture pieces have been flying out the door. Yes! On Saturday we were slammed and everything in the rooster basically sold. It was pretty funny because the rooster looked so empty and sad. No we are NOT going out of business . . . The rooster is here to STAY! We're just keeping our prices low and are being super smart during these economic times. Well, we're trying to be at least . . .
I took some picture of new pieces that just arrived today and more pieces are coming in . . . TODAY (this afternoon). Plus, we have a garage full of pieces that are un-finished and ready to be painted. You should take a peek at those so you can choose your color or even bring in your own color. FUN!

Well, here are some of our new pieces . . . TA DA!

Call rustic rooster - (760) 436-2171 to inquire about prices and sizes.

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