Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy Bee . . . Bzzzzzzzzz

I just started up on another NEW Interior design project this past week. It's been consuming me at the office and has actually taken over my brain . . . I can't sleep at night because all these creative thoughts are going through my mind. Very typical for me. I get so wrapped up and excited about each and every job that I get over focused and into the job. I guess it's a good thing . . . For my clients.

You would think that the kids were keeping me up at night. Nope! They're the best sleepers ever . . . Thanks to my military sleep training, "Baby Wise"! All moms who want a life and healthy happy kids should do this book. Sorry for getting of track. Opps, back to my topic.

I did their daughters room which turned out fabulous! Check out a few pictures of Tyran's room . . .

I had so much fun hanging chandeliers (at different levels) and scalloped plates, monogramming a pillow (personal touch), finding a gorgeous Mega Chintz, S. Harris Fabric, by Issac Mizrahi and having custom drapery made in a Ralph Lauren pink and white cabana stripe. The bed, duvet, pillows and even chair were custom made for Tyran. Gorgeous!

The moment Tyran and her mother, Susy, walked in the room they were speechless. I love to get that reaction from my clients. I even got a hug out of the job. Love, love, love! Thank goodness for that because I could sleep that night. I get so wrapped up in the job like it's my own home that if something goes wrong I'm very sensitive. I want it just right. I would be the one making the duvet, or painting the walls if I could! You do what you can for your clients to make things 100% perfect! If not you need to walk away from this field.

What an extremely lucky little girl!

Now her sister Jordan wants her room done too . . . Plus, Susy, also wants the family room accessorised and dining room furnished. The house is so gorgeous in Rancho Santa Fe! Such a dream job . . .

I will post the befores and fabric selections (I only give 3 fabric/furniture selections to my clients . . . you don't want it too confusing for them) for Jordan's room. I will keep you posted which one she picked. Can't wait . . . !!!!!

Have a great Friday!


  1. alex, i love, love, love that orange table. why can't i have one of those?? love the post, and i can not wait to see what Jordan chooses!

  2. That was a custom table I had made . . . I can have one made for you too!

    Just had the meeting with Jordan . . . and she picked my favorite fabric selection!!! I will post it on Monday!


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